Downhill Powerwheels Race

Races start at 5:00 PM Saturday August 21st .Racers will need to have vehicles inspected before race so report to the downhill area at 4pm.

Downhill Power Wheels Race Rules

  1. Have Fun.
  2. Must wear a DOT approved helmet, eye protection and boots.
  3. First one to the bottom wins.
  4. You can have 1 pusher at a time.
  5. The pusher cannot cross the start line.
  6. You cannot affect another racer on purpose.
  7. Races will be heads up, single elimination, with the winner advancing.

Vehicle Regulations:

  1. Must have plastic wheels
  2. Must have 2 axles with 2 wheels per axle,4 wheels total.
  3. Must have been previously electric (12/24 volt)
  4. Stock electric motors are optional.
  5. Must have stock suspension.
  6. You can take anything off.
  7. You can add a board or pillow or something to set on.
  8. Must have stock body and frame.
  9. Each racer must take all their machines and or parts of machine home.
  10. All vehicles must pass tech inspection.