Bounty Hole Rules


1. 4WD vehicles, unaltered DOT tires. Size up to 33 inches in diameter.

2. 4WD vehicles, unaltered DOT tires. Size 33.1 to 40 inches in diameter.

3. 4WD vehicles, open tire. Size 40.1 to 56 inches in diameter.

4. Unlimited, any tire, any motor.

5. SXS

6. ATV

Dimensions measured to the nearest 1/10th inch. No dual tires. The diameter of the largest tire on the vehicle determines the class. Based on entry volume, classes may be consolidated. *When running two classes, all four tires must meet the above sizes. All tire sizes must fit class specs.

  1. All competitors start at the same line
  2. No Passengers allowed
  3. Seat belt and a DOT approved helmet and eye protection required.
  4. Allowed 1 attempt and stops when forward progress stops. Measurement will be taken
  5. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will be a DQ
  6. Out of bounds will be marked and any part of vehicle that crosses will deem the run a DQ
  7. If you make it through you must stop and not yank the tow line or automatic DQ
  8. Prize money to vehicle that make a complete run, if more than 1 vehicle from the same class completes the bounty hole they will run a timed pass, the vehicle to complete the bounty hole the fastest wins. If no vehicles complete the pit during the second run the prize money will be based on distance.
  9. Drivers will draw for order to run at drivers meeting.
  10. Qualified contestants must arrive no later than 11:30 a.m. on competition day.
  11. Entry fee is $20.00, this does NOT include an admission pass.
  12. Each driver must fill out an entry form. A person may enter more than one class however, tires must be changed between runs and if vehicle is not ready to go when their number comes up, their entry fee will be forfeited.
  13. Each driver must be at least 18 years of age and must possess a valid driver’s license.
  14. Judges and Officials reserve the right to approve or reject any or all entries.
  15. Only owners/ drivers who sign a release sheet and possess a pit pass will be permitted in the competition area.
  16. Nitrous oxide systems are prohibited.
  17. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are not permitted.
  18. Any driver or crewmember disobeying the rules will cause his or her entry to be disqualified and their entry fee will be forfeited.
  19. Towing and transporting vehicles to the Fairgrounds must be done in a proper and legal manner.
  20. Driver only in arena/competition area. NO EXCEPTIONS
  21. All vehicles must hook to the cable.