Trucks, Tractors, and Semis!

Rev up your engines for a full pull Sunday May 22, 2022, at 11:00am. We are welcoming Trucks, Tractors, and Semis at our first Buckeye Off-Road Adventure Expo Truck and Tractor Pulls.

Field Stock and Antique Tractor Pull Classes

3,500 lbs. Uncut

4,500 lbs. Uncut

4,500 lbs. Run what ya brung

5,500 lbs. Uncut

5,500 lbs. Run what ya brung

6,500 lbs. Uncut

6,500 lbs. Run what ya brung

10,000 lbs. Uncut

12,000 lbs. Uncut

12,000 lbs. Run what ya brung


  1. 18” hitch height and no less than 18” from center of rear axle.
  2. No cut tires except for the “Run what ya brung” classes.
  3. 1972 and older.
  4. Tractor can sign up once per class.
  5. 3000 maximum RPM.
  6. Uncut tire class 4.5 MPH
  7. No speed limit in Run what ya brung classes.
  8. All drivers must sign a waiver to participate, if participant is under the age of 18 the parent or legal guardian must sign waiver.

Entry Fees

Uncut classes $20.00 per entry

Run what ya brung $30.00 per entry